Sunhawk Studio is a handmade, artisan jewelry line inspired by the ancient world of myth and symbolism, while giving a nod to the remarkable beauty of the desert mountains. 

Sara's design philosophy is simple: 

"If I choose to bring something into being, then it would be adding something of human value, meaning, or beauty to the world. If you stumble upon one of my creations while trekking through the desert, my intention is that you will discover a gift or artifact to cherish. A material echo left behind from the human soul."

Sunhawk Studio's roots began in a tiny urban studio apartment in the heart of Hillsboro Village in Nashville, TN and has soared westward to the mesmerizing and mystical desert mountains of Southern California.

After resigning from a senior management position from a London-based luxury tech company, Sara, having no plan for the future but knowing that her work needed to be creative and closer to nature, began helping a friend as an assistant wardrobe stylist for celebrity level musicians in Nashville. During this time she taught herself how to work with metal to create jewelry. 

Each piece is designed and created by hand in a desert mountain studio, surrounded by wildlife and vivid colors, in a place of serenity and surreal beauty. 

There is a subtle transformation inside of us when we adorn ourselves with jewelry and it is precisely that inner-to-outer dialogue that she is aiming for with each design.

Prior to Sunhawk Studio and a career in tech, Sara spent 15 years in academia studying and researching consciousness, philosophy, and psychology. 




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