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Sunhawk Studio is located in Southern California and offers handmade artisan jewelry inspired by the elements of the world and the landscape of the desert mountains. 

Our philosophy is to keep it simple, sustainable, and pure, to celebrate and participate in beauty while maintaining harmony with the flow of nature.

Our roots began in a tiny urban studio apartment in the heart of Hillsboro Village in Nashville, TN and we've soared westward to the mesmerizing and mystical desert mountains of Southern California. 

Each piece of jewelry is designed and created by hand by Sara Liberto, a self taught artist with a background in philosophy and consciousness studies. She draws inspiration from surrounding ecosystems and the simplicity and beauty of raw elements, of which she believes is reflected in each piece of jewelry.

There is a subtle transformation inside of us when we adorn ourselves with jewelry and it is precisely that inner-to-outer dialogue that she is aiming for with each design.





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