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Tao + Hawk Collection

Pyritized Ammonite Hoops

Pyritized Ammonite Hoops

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Handmade -- Rare Stones -- One of a kind -- Ready to ship! 

These are very special earrings which feature pyritized ammonite negatives and 18k gold fill hoops. Organic and raw vibes and with 18k gold to accentuate the natural beauty of the fossil. The overall size of the earring is small but centers the ammonite as its main focus. These are perfect earrings to wear dressed up or down. 


Pyritized Ammonite negatives (very old fossils; these two were sourced from Gary Wilson Lapidary)

18 karat gold fill backing, bezel, and 18k gold fill hoops 

Sterling Silver ear pin


Length: 1.35 inches

Weight: 3 grams per earring (the US nickel weighs 5 grams)

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